Client Area Change - Preparation for our Global Website Expansion

We have adjusted our client area url from being to This is to ensure that all global customers see a Global domain rather than a ccTLD which is South African alone. You can still access and use which should redirect fine accordingly for invoices, tickets ,etc. We thank you for your ... Read More

April 20, 2021
Hostking price increase 2021

Dear Customers The web hosting industry has seen a shift in pricing structures from various providers. At the beginning of the year, cPanel increased their prices which placed an amount of strain on various web hosting companies within South Africa including Hostking. Their drastic increase of 75% forced us to adjust our current pricing ... Read More

April 14, 2021
Why EFT or cash payments are not a valid payment options anymore

Due to the administration invovled which is creating a huge problem EFT and Cash payments will not be accepted any more from new customers. We also recommend existing customers use our alternative payment methods like Instant EFT / Credit Card / Visa / Mastercard / Snapscan to ensure payments reflect and capture on our side better. With the ... Read More

March 29, 2021
Cancellation of our Free Hosting Service

Dear valued client   cPanel has increased their prices to each and every hosting provider in January, hence the cost of hosting has increased substantially. On the bright side, we will not be increasing our paid hosting plans pricing.   Further to this we noticed a increase in fraudelent complaints on customers on the free hosting service we ... Read More

February 7, 2021